Honesty, selection, satisfaction
Honesty, selection, satisfaction


Value... "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."
Warren Buffet

Here is the question one should ask after qualifying his or hers service provider. What does ones company say about itself. Honesty, dependable, experienced? Is it reflective in their promises or warranty? Do you or have you heard from references, friends or others about their company? These are very important things to begin asking yourself when you are more than interested in what's it going to cost us? These are just a few examples when weighing out your decision. Does this company provide sincere and personal attention to your project, are you given choices, was somebody on the other side of the table LISTENING to you?

Craftsmanship still exists today, and you should demand it. Pay attention to the details in which you are explained the process and implementation of your project. Challenge or question your provider, and get the right answers, not settling for the "beat around the bush" explanation. It is reasonable to think that with better service and more commitment, that you are receiving more than just a completion of a project, that you are gaining knowledge, and a trusted relationship, so when its time to inquire, ask or expand your next project you have a trusted provider. The answer is Yes.

Is there a price for that. Its not figuratively measured in dollars but it could be measured in personal comfort and satisfaction.

Service fee applies

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Anything outside of 20-25 miles radius from us (New Cumberland) will result in a refundable $50 travel fee, which will be applied to your project, if you decide to move forward with us.

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