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Honesty, selection, satisfaction

Top 4 Hardscape Options

Hardscapes, New Cumberland, PAA landscape is composed of various elements such as softscapes, water features, wood elements, and hardscapes. The latter refers to permanent structures in your landscape, such as the driveways, walkways, patios, retaining walls, and outdoor living spaces. Adding stones, pavers, and other masonry structures improves not only the aesthetics of your landscape but also the functionality of outdoor space. These features must be designed and built by expert people like us.

Earth Tones Hardscape, LLC offers professional hardscaping services to Pennsylvania clients. Our company specializes in hardscaping - from the simplest walkway to the most complex outdoor living spaces. Our hardscapes are proven top-quality, efficient, functional, attractive, and low-cost. We have been serving Harrisburg, New Cumberland, Camp Hill, Lemoyne, Etters, Lewisberry, Hershey, Mechanicsburg, Enola, and York, PA for many years now. Call us at (717) 307-7443 or (717) 932-5577 to get our hardscape design and installation services.


There are many excellent materials that can be used for your hardscaping project. But pavers always rank on top because of many reasons. A paver unit can be made of concrete, clay brick, or natural stone. It is commonly used for hardscapes because of the following characteristics:

  • Durable. Paved surfaces last for decades even when they receive daily wear and tear, especially in the case of driveways.

  • Flexible. It is highly recommended for hardscaping because it can be used for various applications, such as sidewalks, driveways, courtyards, road surfaces, patios, decks, and many more.

  • Excellent designs. Man-made or natural pavers are available in a wide variety of designs. With this material, you can easily achieve your desired style or theme for your hardscape feature.

Retaining Walls

Building retaining walls around your property is very important for enhancing safety. They keep the soil from eroding and make the slope becomes more useful. The walls can be custom designed and can create unique aesthetics appeal for your property. But all these are possible only when the walls are well-designed. They must be able to withstand the test of time and other external elements. And here at Earth Tones Hardscape, LLC, we have the expertise to build these hardscapes.

Paver Patios

We’ve mentioned how useful pavers are for all your hardscapes. And if you want your patio to become unique and durable, we highly recommend the use of pavers. Remember that patios serve as an extension of your living space. With pavers, they become more durable, useful, and beautiful. Concrete and stone pavers are commonly used for open-type paver patios because they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.


The world is used to having concrete slabs and asphalt for driveways. But admit it or not, their look is boring. You don’t want your driveway to lack its much-deserved aesthetic merits. For that, pavers must be used. This type of paving material is made especially for outdoor features, such as driveways and other high-traffic areas. They are also available in different shades, shapes, and sizes. Only your imagination can limit how beautiful your driveway can be.

Whether you need a driveway or a patio, there is only one team to call, and that is Earth Tones Hardscape, LLC. Call us now and we’ll design and build you durable and beautiful hardscapes.


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